Health + Design Exhibit features fuseproject’s health-focused design work

Health + Design Exhibit features fuseproject’s health-focused design work

Can design make for healthier communities?

We certainly think so.

That’s why we’re committed to design efforts that empower people of any age to live more healthily.

As leaders in the field, we’re excited to have just a few of our health tech products showcased at “Health + Design,” a global exhibition taking place in this year’s official World Design Capital, Valencia, Spain.

Our offerings include:

ElliQ, the sidekick for healthier, happier aging, from Intuition Robotics. ElliQ had the honor of being named one of 2022’s Best New Inventions by TIME.

The Neural Sleeve from CIONIC, the most advanced mobility solution to improve walking and strength, has been fast-tracked by the FDA to help people dealing with neuromuscular diagnosis.

Rhytm’s DREEM, offering advanced, accessible sleep care for anyone who wants a good night’s rest

Jawbone’s UP24 health tracker, providing 24 hours of health insights to help people stay fit

Seismic’s Aura Powered Suit, designed to provide the elderly with programmable strength and power for core wellness and mobility assistance

Jimmy Jane’s Form 2, dedicated to bringing pleasure to the people

Experience our designs and others now at the “Health + Design” exhibition, a transversal look that revises the past, dissects the present and projects itself into the future to illustrate that science and medicine are evolving and will continue to do so with the help of technology and design.

We, too, believe purpose-led design can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Check out the Health + Wellness exhibition in person now through April 16, 2023.

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