Logos that matter

Logos that matter

A brand is not a logo. However, for most brands, the logo lives at the epicenter of the visual identity. Often the first brand touch point, a logo can define people’s experience of your brand, and guides perceptions, differentiation, affinity and loyalty.

“Design is driven by ideas, and ideas create the conversation between brands and people. A logo is the first line of that conversation, it’s the prelude for the ensuing digital experiences, product and brand dialogue” says Yves Behar.

“A logo should express the essence of a brand in its simplest and most refined form. Everything from a subtle radius to a dramatic angle makes an impact in a logo’s design, which is why these minute details can be so important in crafting a rich narrative in a small space. When the viewer sees the final design, the idea that is core to the brand should come across instantly,” says Kristine Arth, Director of Brand at fuseproject.

A gallery of our logo designs can be found to the right; to see more case studies from our Brand and Graphic discipline, click here.

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