LOVE the music

LOVE the music

It is an exciting provocation and an enormous challenge, to reinvent something as timeless as the turntable.

While technology has changed how we listen to and experience music since the era of vinyl, the audio and artistic experience when playing a record is something people still crave.

The physical, tactile act of pulling a vinyl record out of the sleeve, dropping the needle, and listening to the warm, rich sound is irreplaceable. What we sought to accomplish in designing the LOVE turntable was not to recreate that experience, but rather, create a different way to listen to the qualities of a vinyl: honoring the past by bringing something new.

While the classic record spins on the turntable, LOVE instead spins on top of a static vinyl; this allows this new player to identify album tracks and skip songs simply by touching the top of the unit. The true distinction of the design is based on a speed form in motion – there is poetry and beauty in seeing it spinning over a still record. We wanted every aspect of the design to be finely crafted and reminiscent of the sculptural and expressive forms of musical instruments.

The LOVE Turntable brings the best of the old and the new, adding ease of use and movement to the audio experience; a touch of convenience to the nostalgia of craft.

LOVE is launching on Kickstarter now – click here to help fund LOVE, and be the first to get your hands on one.

Read more about the design here

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