One room, one hundred ways

One room, one hundred ways

Moving to the big city has its pros and cons. While urban centers provide social, cultural and professional options, urban density solutions means smaller housing.

Ori uses robotic technology to turn the inherent practical problems of micro apartments into an opportunity. A room is seen as four walls and a ceiling…but what if the room could transform itself with the push of a button?

With the introduction of the Ori Full and Ori Queen units – we can transform one room into a full-size bedroom, a living room, an office, a wardrobe and storage closet, and a bookshelf and media display. The Ori unit is designed to provide this functionality easily and beautifully, giving a 200 square foot room the functionality of a 600 square foot room. The transformation from one function to the next is achieved through the discreet and silent Ori interface by voice, or remotely through the Ori app.

The Ori system is designed to be modular, allowing developers to create the ideal unit for any building. The move to the big city and an affordable home can now come with one more request: an Ori-powered apartment that looks and feels 100 different ways.

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