Quiet respite in a bustling workplace

Quiet respite in a bustling workplace

We know what open floor plates can do for serendipitous collaboration and workplace innovation. But while both are key to productivity and culture, what can office workers do to escape the ever-present buzz and the day-to-day stress that comes with the territory?

In partnership with best-selling author and world-renowned pioneer of integrative medicine and personal transformation, Dr. Deepak Chopra and health and wellness startup, OpenSeed, fuseproject designed the concept for the Iris, a beautiful and easy-to-deploy meditation pod that integrates elegantly into an existing office space to offer a quiet retreat.

“Our design for Iris is a womb-shaped pod that aims to quiet the chatter and help us re-focus on our wellbeing. The Iris is assembled on-site and made with sustainably sourced materials and recycled textiles. A touch screen provides meditation options, and the successful integration of digital with the physical gives the mind and body the rest it needs to heal. Day-to-day stress is unavoidable, but by being present and more aware of our feelings, we might also be able to achieve higher levels of emotional intelligence,” says Yves Béhar.

To see our case study for the OpenSeed Iris, click here.

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