SNOO for the people!

SNOO for the people!

What do Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johansson, Ashton Kutcher, and Serena Williams have in common? They’re all new parents and happy owners of the SNOO, the world’s first smart bassinet– designed to respond to restless babies with calming sounds and movement that soothe them back to sleep.

The SNOO has become a sensation amongst parents for its power to solve one of their biggest problems– how to help their baby and family get a good night’s sleep. Ashton Kutcher, whose son Dimitri slept in a SNOO, swears by it. “He was like a 6 hour sleeper and I’m eternally grateful to the Snoo for that!”

SNOO’s incredible success reflects the profound impact it has on the lives of families–and today we’re thrilled to share the news that SNOO will become even more accessible to parents across America. Starting January 9, 2019, parents will be able to rent SNOO for around $5/day. Finally, new parent exhaustion can be a thing of the past!

At fuseproject we focus our energy on designing “firsts” and category leaders that change people’s lives for the better. Our most gratifying moments come when our partners and their products meet with such great success in the real world. SNOO epitomizes this, winning the hearts of well-rested parents while also winning more major awards than any baby product in history (including the Innovation of the Year award from the prestigious National Sleep Foundation). So it’s no surprise that this success has helped Happiest Baby, makers of the SNOO, reach another impressive milestone– they recently closed a $23M Series B Funding round led by Greycroft Partners.

Congratulations Happiest Baby and we look forward to SNOO’s continued success.

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