SPRING, year 3

SPRING, year 3

From Yves:

From the beginning, SPRING Accelerator’s mission has been to bring human-centered design to entrepreneurs in the developing world, maximizing the impact an individual business can have on the lives of the millions of adolescent girls living in poverty worldwide. Having wrapped our first cohort, we are able to get a small sense of this impact – from the design of the accelerator curriculum, to design expertise in strategy, business model, branding, product and web/app design, and service modeling to maximize efficiency and impact, tens of thousands of lives have already been touched by these new businesses in East Africa.

Taking everything we learned from the first cohort, we are thrilled to share our second year of SPRING. Shifting from East Africa to South Asia, Fuseproject is working with businesses in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, providing hands-on design, business support and mentorship to help these businesses scale – and ultimately improve the lives of girls within their respective communities. These businesses will get everything Fuseproject offers, from the design of the curriculum to hands-on design support for every aspect of their business.

Simultaneously, we’re launching our third cohort, seeking out businesses in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Come this time next year, almost 60 businesses across East Africa and South Asia will have worked with our team – a scale we are proud of, and that we see as only the beginning. As we continue our work with SPRING and its entrepreneurs, we are thrilled to share more news and successes from these amazing businesses, and the lives they improve with human-centered design.

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For more information on our involvement in SPRING, click here.

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