Your walls, reimagined

Your walls, reimagined

In your home, every object matters. Each piece of décor on our walls adds to our overall aesthetic and style. The television is no exception – and yet, for an average of 20 hours a day, your TV is nothing more than a black square taking up valuable wall space. In an ongoing collaboration with Samsung, we began to think about what it would mean if the TV could constantly add value, whether or not it is in use.

The Frame is the first TV that doesn’t turn off; instead of going to black, The Frame displays a stunning piece of art, turning your wall into a museum-worthy art gallery. While the idea of a display showing artwork is not new, the fundamental difference with The Frame is that we designed physically and experientially for art to be at its core. Enlisting internationally acclaimed curator Elise Van Middelem, we have partnered with renowned artists to show their work in a digital gallery exclusive for The Frame. Artists represent all cultures and backgrounds, with works in some of the most prestigious museums around the world: from Luisa Lambri, whose work has been featured at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the Metropolitan Museum of New York, to Todd Eberle, who has done solo exhibitions at Art Institute of Chicago and Tate Modern, to Barry McGee, whose highly influential work in urban art has completely transformed the genre.

The Frame is the first sensor-based display experience, from dimming sensors that adjust the screen backlighting to make the art look as real as possible, to motion sensors that turn the art back on when someone enters the room.

A home is an expression of personal taste, functional needs and interests. Every piece of furniture, every work of art on the wall, every object, becomes part of an aesthetic and style. For this reason The Frame offers customization choices in a variety of materials and shades common to how art is framed.

The Frame is a first entry into home décor and art – allowing people to build a personal collection in an accessible, affordable manner. The Frame shifts our paradigm of what a television can be; on or off, it adds value to our walls and our daily life. With The Frame, the traditional black TV on a wall can be transformed into personal style and daily inspirations.

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