DJ Hero and RIDE

DJ Hero & RIDE share a common spirit: both deliver an experience bordering on an actual simulation, while offering a totally new, fun, and refreshing way to play. DJ Hero delivers an innovative and interactive music experience, which allows video gamers to enjoy music in an all-new way. Ride features a brand new skateboard-shaped wireless videogame controller that players stand on to interact with the game environment.


The DJ Hero brand was meant to stay in line with the overarching Hero brand which contains Guitar Hero and Band Hero. Attention to detail was paid to both colors and graphics on the deck controller as well as the packaging to create a visual identity that stays true to the brand family. The design intent woven throughout all the touch points of DJ Hero is an infusion of authentic details that are evocative of skate culture. The design blends realistic DJ gear with a polished skate style aesthetic. The final outcome was approachable for parents and desirable for teens.


DJ Hero lets players master DJ skills while utilizing the easy-to-use and fun controls on the sleek turntable console. This allows the user to learn basic and advanced DJing techniques, then spin their way through different set lists in beginner, easy, medium, hard, and expert modes that lets anyone of all skill levels play. Inspired by pro skateboarder Tony Hawk, the controller is a direct manifestation of his desire to accurately recreate the skating experience for everyone. The skateboard controller will redefine sports games by offering players a true skateboarding experience, hands-free. RIDE's intuitive controller uses a combination of motion sensors, allowing players to physically control the action. Movements and gestures on the board are then directly translated into amazing tricks in the game and its all done without complex button combinations or analog sticks. Gamers can literally step on the board and immediately play.



  • GOOD Design Award

    • Activision Tony Hawk RIDE, 2010
  • IDEA Award

    • Silver - Tony Hawk RIDE, Entertainment, 2010
    • Bronze - Tony Hawk RIDE, Packaging and Graphics, 2010
    • Bronze - DJ Hero, Entertainment, 2010
  • GOOD Design Award

    • DJ Hero packaging, 2010
  • Spark Award

    • Gold - Tony Hawk RIDE, 2009

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