We worked with the team at Rythm, a French neuro-technology startup, to develop a wearable sleep band that has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of sleep. With features that help you fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up refreshed – Dreem promises to be one of most comprehensive sleep solutions available in the market. The technology Rythm developed measures brain activity during sleep, and emits sounds to maintain the quality of sleep for as long as possible. As a result, you have an accurate and effective sleep enhancing solution, without the side-effects of pills.

Asking anyone to wear a headband while they sleep is a major design challenge: how should complex technology and sensors be designed to create comfort while sleeping, and encourage use? In close collaboration with the Rythm engineering team, we iterated through hundreds of prototypes to develop the most comfortable and effective active wearable on the market – providing lab-quality technology to provide users the best sleep possible.


Dreem utilizes a fabric-like flexible band, which wraps all the way around the head with sensors embedded on the front and back. This design provides enough pressure with comfort onto the skull and maintains contact with electrodes. The front of the device is a bone-conducting speaker which emits sounds onto the skull without disturbing a sleeping partner.

The Dreem design doesn’t utilize Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while it is worn; the data is stored on an internal CPU, and connects to a phone to sync the data once the user is up. Upon going to sleep, the band can be set to play white noise to stimulate sleep; likewise, it can play sounds to wake one up at the right time of the sleep cycle for maximum energy in the morning. The device can also check heart rate and provide a full view of the body’s activity while asleep.

Aesthetically, Dreem is designed to feel like loungewear instead of tech; the fabric is made in soft, neutral colors more akin to apparel than typical tech. The fabric underneath is also removable and washable. While all of the device’s settings are controlled in the app, a volume module and power button are also built into the top of the device for quick access. Foam inserts keep the headband soft and comfortable, with just the right amount of elasticity in each section to ensure comfort and proper functionality.



  • Fast Company Innovation by Design

    • Honorable Mention - Wellness Category, 2020
  • Red Dot

    • Product Design - Dreem, 2020
  • IDEA

    • Finalist, 2020
  • Spark Awards

    • Silver Winner - Product Category, 2020

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