Edyn Garden Sensor

When Jason Aramburu, a proclaimed soil scientist, came to us with sensing technology for plants, we were intrigued at the concept of developing a deeper connection between people and their gardens.

We worked with Jason to develop the brand, and created holistic design language across the products and corresponding app. The result is a smart garden system that provides real-time information on what is happening in your garden, gives you tips on how to make your plants thrive, and even gives you insights as to what plants or plant groupings will grow best in a given environment. For the novice or the expert gardener, Edyn is designed to take the guessing out of gardening – giving you the tools to grow flourishing plants even amidst a busy urban lifestyle.


Our team conducted comprehensive surveys among a variety of people, from novice backyard gardeners to small-scale farmers. What we found was that people were not necessarily looking for something to do the work for them, but to give them a deeper understanding of their plants. The more insight we have into our plants, the easier it is for us to engage with them and nurture them.

With that knowledge, we designed Edyn to take our relationship with plants to the next level. The garden sensor achieves our ultimate goal - giving you all of the information you need to grow a thriving garden.


Jason came to us with the name Soil IQ and an incredible sensing technology for plants. Our challenge was to create holistic design language not only for the brand, but also for the products themselves.

We developed the two devices to both contain the signature yellow diamond, like a distinct flower, or the sun that powers it. After developing the products, we came up with the name – Edyn. The utopian garden. A place of purity, of fruitfulness and life. We integrated the product design into the logo, a symmetrical yellow leaf, showing simplicity and perfection. The color evokes the sense of euphoria you feel when the leaves change color in the fall. The leaf shape also becomes the foundation of the corresponding Edyn app, building brand equity through digital touch points as well.

The package design for Edyn is meant to directly parallel in context its use case; the inner box, its natural cardboard with patterned Edyn logos, becomes the soil in which the sensor is held. The outer box also alludes to the value proposition of the product by showcasing an abstract beautiful garden - this also acts as a color block on the shelf for visual clarity. The holistic design language between product and brand creates a cohesive experience between the physical, the organic, and the digital world.


We designed the app to give the user information in a clear and concise way, maximizing their gardening potential. Upon opening the app, you are given a contextual snapshot of your garden – including percentages for ideal moisture, nutrition levels, light, and temperature. It then walks you intuitively through the process of identifying the plants in your garden (or recommending which plants will grow best given its environmental factors), and sends real-time tips and notifications on how best to care for your specific plants. The app contains information on over five thousand plants, becoming an educational resource and gardening guide for users at any skill level.


Our Industrial Design team looked at many different possibilities in terms of aesthetics, power and connectivity, and positioning in the garden. We selected solar power, as the device should rely on the same natural energy as the plants surrounding it. We designed the Garden Sensor to blossom from the earth, the “stem” collecting data from your garden and sending it straight to the app. The Edyn Water Valve then syncs to the sensor and your existing sprinkler system to water your plants when, and only when, they need it – saving water and ensuring ideal moisture conditions.

No more guessing what your plants need – Edyn makes all of the information available in real time.



  • Clio Awards

    • Silver - Edyn Garden Sensor, Product Design, 2016
  • Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards

    • Finalist - Edyn Garden Valve and Water Sensor, User Experience, 2016
  • Fast Company Innovation by Design

    • Finalist – Edyn Garden Sensor, Smart Home, 2015
  • Spark!

    • Spark! Award – Edyn Garden Sensor, 2015
  • Red Dot

    • Edyn Garden Sensor, Product, 2015
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    • Silver - Edyn Garden Sensor, Outdoor & Garden, 2015
    • Bronze - Edyn Garden Sensor, Packaging, 2015
    • Bronze - Edyn Garden Sensor, Design Strategy, 2015
  • Core77

    • Professional Notable – Edyn, Design Strategy, 2015
  • IDA

    • Bronze - Edyn Garden Sensor, 2015

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