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fuseproject partnered with GAME GOLF to help enhance and deepen the experience of golf without disrupting the actual game. We set out to create a physical product to work in the background during a round, and a digital experience that gives golfers rich insight into their game as well as a way to connect with fellow golfers.

Through strategy and design, the result was a physical tracking device and tags for each club, a rich web app, native iOS and Android apps and cross-platform desktop software.


With years of experience as a sports psychologist, GAME GOLF's CEO John McGuire came to fuseproject with the challenge to help him create the world’s most intelligent and rewarding sports platform. Using compact sensors and tags, data on real world activity can be gathered seamlessly—but how do we make it truly useful and compelling?

Ethnographic research with golfers and experts helped us gain insights into their motivations, goals and behaviors. A rigorous look at the technology landscape and competitive offering gave us a foundation for positioning our new brand. A codified value proposition and experience guidelines informed our feature set across all touchpoints, and ensured a seamless experience.

The platform has now launched with tremendous buzz and is heralded as a benchmark to the future potential of an integrated physical/virtual sports experience—one that does not distract the participant during the game, but extends their learning and enjoyment before and after.


To make a product that intends to truly change how a golfer interacts with a timeless sport is a bold endeavor. And bold is exactly what GAME GOLF is. This word echoes throughout the brand in execution and tone, visuals and voice. From form to typography to palette and beyond, GAME GOLF is represented unabashedly, and with clean sophistication.

Using quippy, punchy language and typography evokes confidence and clarity. This is important so our golfers get what they need and can focus on what’s really important—their game. Because while the GAME GOLF brand is bold, it never intends to sacrifice usability and user experience over design and message.


GAME GOLF tracks and displays a player’s game using unique visualizations that create new ways to understand golf—which is typically quite statistical and numeric. We wanted to make sure our product was anything but long, cold lists of numbers and stats. By overlaying GPS tracking data on satellite maps, golfers are able to relive their games, shot by shot, hole by hole, game by game. Then, across our suite of charts, graphs and other data, users are able to see trends and really learn from their game. We developed the whole system to work with Mac and PC, iOS and Android.

On another level, since golf is a social game, GAME GOLF is no different. It was our effort to make it even more social. Golfers can follow one another, view each other games for commenting, participate in group challenges and more. By creating this environment, we keep our users connected and engaged beyond the course.


The GAME GOLF tracking system is meant to be bold and recognizable as artifacts on the course, but completely discreet and minimal in its interaction. This way a user may focus on enjoying his or her game. The form of the device itself is simple and clean, with a diamond-pattern that is echoed on the tags and throughout the visual design.

During a round, a player simply tags small inserts in each club grip to the bottom of the GPS-enabled tracking device worn at the hip, before each shot. That’s it. The system does all of the work tracking a player’s game with the help of geo-fenced and catalogued courses.



  • IDEA Awards

    • Finalist – Digital Design, Game Golf, 2014
  • SPARK! Awards

    • Gold - App Award, Game Golf, 2013
  • CES Innovations Awards

    • Gaming Hardware & Accessories, GAME GOLF, 2013
    • Health & Fitness, GAME GOLF, 2013
    • Wearable Technologies, GAME GOLF, 2013

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