GE WattStation

GE WattStation is the result of an innovative and dynamic collaboration between GE Ecomagination and fuseproject. fuseproject's vision for the WattStation is an electric-car-charger design that is as durable as street furniture, as visible as a light beacon, and as beautiful as street greenery. The charger station boasts a power recharge in less than half of the time of its competitors. We hope it will change the way people use and see electric vehicles.


By communicating wirelessly with digital platforms and mobile devices, users will be able to remotely locate, operate and monitor the unit. The UI screen faces the user at a “service angle” for optimized ergonomic comfort, and its surround-lens houses a useful and informational graphic interface. An LED light ring indicates to the driver whether the WattStation is available (white), fully charged (green), charging (red), or out of order (yellow).


The WattStation comes embedded with GE's Smart Grid technology, which enables the station to charge a vehicle in 4-8 hours compared to the typical 12-18. GE WattStation is an electric vehicle charging station that is designed for public and private spaces. The WattStation is also the very first charging station with a self-retractable charging cable, keeping streets tidy while protecting the cable from weather elements. Great innovation jammed tight into a compact metal shell, which is solidly constructed to withstand any harsh weather and usage conditions. It even has a built-in heater to defrost the snow!


GE WattStation is the result of the collaboration between GE Ecomagination and fuseproject. The WattStation will be planted all over the US, as well as Europe and Asia. It will promote the deployment of renewable energy for electric vehicles worldwide. A sleek yet bold communications strategy tells the viewer that something big, something truly innovative and exciting, is imminent.



  • D&AD Award

    • GE Wattstation Wall Mount, 2012
  • GOOD Design Awards

    • GE Residential Wattstation, 2013
  • SPARK! Awards

    • SPARK! - GE Residential Wattstation, 2012
  • Green GOOD Awards

    • GE Wattstation, 2012
  • CES Innovation Awards

    • Portable Power - GE Residential Wattstation, 2012
  • Red Dot Design Award

    • Honorable Mention - GE Wattstation, 2011
  • CES Innovation Awards

    • BEST OF INNOVATIONS honoree in the Portable Power product category - GE Wattstation, 2011
  • Treehugger Best of Green Awards

    • General Electric Wattstation, 2010
  • Spark Award

    • Gold - GE: Wattstation, 2010

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