Prealize Health

Prealize Health is a Silicon Valley startup using machine learning to transform healthcare from a reactive system to a proactive one. A newly refreshed brand identity and website enabled their successful transformation into a company that can support delivery of proactive healthcare by connecting predictions of potential risk across entire populations to actions that enable payers, providers and patients to prevent or mitigate those health risks. Following a successful start, Prealize realized that their value could extend well beyond identifying new rising risk by leveraging machine learning to identify not only the rising risk members, but the timing and key drivers of that risk, as well as the ability to engage members and impact their health. fuseproject's delivery of a visual brand identity and new digital experience helps to communicate their complex offering in a thoughtful, digestable, and articulate way to both current and prospective clients.


As with many game-changing startups and emerging technologies, Prealize faced the enviable challenge of having too many options. There were multiple potential avenues where their predictive technologies and clinical expertise could be applied to improve outcomes in healthcare. To create a lasting brand foundation and visual identity system, fuseproject facilitated leadership alignment around not just what was possible, but a singular, most desirable future. Through a combination of stakeholder interviews, desk research, competitive audits and facilitated workshops, the team helped Prealize align on a clear and differentiated positioning. We crafted mission and vision statements and values to attract, inspire and guide the talented team. The team also defined the brand character, tone of voice, and design attributes to guide a compelling and consistent look and feel of the brand across touchpoints.


Our brand design solution brings confidence and clarity to the new category of healthcare artificial intelligence. Prealize's new logo represents how the company leverages machine learning to complete the healthcare puzzle. The identity system relies on a geometric and mathemeatical character "P" to symbolize how machine learning is the missing piece in the healthcare puzzle. Its bold and simple form is representative of how Prealize simplifies a complex AI process to predicit future risk for healthcare providers. A minimal color palette makes it instantly recognizable and memorable amongst the competitive landscape, while the black and white photography adds a sense of sophistication that a company working in the healthcare space requires.


Prealize's website digital experience blends simple language, bold design, and playful motion to clearly communicate why Prealize exists and the benefits their products provide to the industry and their customers. The experience also places an emphasis on how important culture and talent are to Prealize while enabling them to recruit top-tier talent. Our approach embraces and embodies all the aesthetic components developed as part of their new brand, and adds motion to guide the visitors eyes and make the site feel like a singular experience rather than a collection of separate pages.

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