Sabi brings high design and functionality to an overlooked market: medication and pill management products. The Sabi products are one’s life accessories to live with everyday. While today a wide range of people focus on living healthier lives, from boomers to women taking prenatal supplements, there are low quality and lesser designed products available to them. Sabi products marry functionality and aesthetics, creating real tools to fit seamlessly within anyone’s life.


Business and brand strategy questions had to be answered at the onset: How would Sabi establish credibility in a space offering beige, low-quality goods? How does the brand respond to the ergonomic and functional needs of boomers while appealing to a vast spectrum of users? How do we build visibility for the products and company in a faceless category? fuseproject created brand and design work on universal design; the actual executions needed to assess all user needs throughout the design process, especially populations that have special needs. Another differentiating decision was to have each solution seamlessly fit within an active lifestyle. Sabi helps keep people mindful of their daily rituals, such as taking pills and vitamins, it does not make these the focal point of their day. The products are not reminiscent of hospitals or nursing homes, reducing the stigma around such needs. the brand and packaging experience is driven by the desire to deliver a lot of information and value, but with minimal materials. The eco-friendly packaging consists of folded printed papers, with consistent iconic shapes that create continuity on the shelf. The clarity and simplicity of the packaging complements the high-quality manufacturing, BPA free, and elegant materials of the products they encase.



  • IDEA Awards

    • Bronze - ID, Sabi, 2013
  • Green GOOD Design Awards

    • Packaging, Sabi, 2013
  • GOOD Design Awards

    • Wellness packaging - Sabi, 2013
  • SPARK! Awards

    • Silver - Sabi, 2012
  • Core77 Design Awards

    • Notable, Consumer Products - Sabi, 2012
  • IDEA Awards

    • Bronze - Sabi Packaging, 2012

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