Whole World Water

WHOLE WORLD Water is a social enterprise that replaces those annoying high-priced imported waters in hotels with filtered on-site re-usable bottles, with 10% of proceeds going to important water programs that benefit the 1 billion people without access to safe and clean water. 21st century values of sustainability and social good is what WHOLE WORLD Water delivers in a clear and compelling way.


We believed that such an inspirational effort needed an iconic design to accompany it. The bold and simple glass bottle embossed with the wave-like logo is memorable and recognizable, with the message of sustainability and giving back clearly communicated.

As the flagship of the entire initiative, the WHOLE WORLD Water identity of 3 W’s, are reminiscent of continuous waves. The black type is strong, elegant and promotes a sense of urgency. The collateral work is equally restrained, laying out facts and figures about the cause in a clear and inspiring way. The logo is de-bossed on the glass bottle, eliminating the need for extra labeling and providing a tactile grip.


The uncomplicated form aspires to express the clear proposition of the WHOLE WORLD Water concept, and the purity of the water itself that is filtered on site. The bottles are made of extra thick glass in order to survive many cycles of washing and re-use. The cap is similarly re-usable, made of recycled aluminum with the logo debossed in its surface.

social impact

The proceeds of the sale of Whole World Water will go to funding water projects across the globe, and will provide funding to address one of the world's most pressing issues access to clean drinking water.

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