WndrCo is a new holding company founded by former DreamWorks and DropBox executives that invests in, acquires, develops, and operates consumer technology businesses for the long term. We were asked to develop a unique and authentic brand identity and engaging website that showcased a modern and innovative company. WndrCo brings together decades of industry-defining experience from across media, software and technology. We crafted a vibrant and interactive website that is ownable with ease-of-use navigation and bold color visuals.


Jeffrey Katzenberg, founder of WndrCo, also co-founded DreamWorks SKG with Steve Spielberg. Together, they came up with the first rendition of the logo using a thought-bubble concept. fuseproject kept this initial idea intact and used it as a starting point to develop their new logo.

WndrCo supports tech visionaries by helping to bring their potentially world-changing ideas to fruition. Our approach to the brand identity encapsulates this with a minimal and modern treatment through the use of pops of colors and thought bubbles to symbolize WndrCo's mission of helping their clients turn their game-changing ideas to life.

The WndrCo logo is interlocked next to their name in Avant Garde typeface. The color palette uses more mature hues of a traditional primary palette and communicates an energetic and fun feel. A warm neutral color helps the work to feel more human and less clinical. The two typefaces of the identity system are Gilroy (a geometric sans-serif that feels at home in the tech world in which they operate) and Publico (an editorial serif that establishes credibility and trustworthiness and uses and tall x-height for quick legibility).


The new website allows end users to easily navigate the site and see who is behind the company. There is direct access to leadership bios and current portfolio investments. An end-user or potential client seeking funding can identify with partners that share the same passions, areas of expertise, and goals. The design of the site allows for the client to showcase their portfolio with interactive caurosels and detailed indivisual portfolio pages. The backend of the system is convenient and fluid for the client to update directly, add new portfolios, and post press releases along with news stories. When WndrCo adds a company to their portfolio, they don’t just invest financial capital, they invest the intellectual capital of their experienced team. They leverage their founding partners’ unmatched collective experience and resources to achieve full near-term and long-term potential.

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