Zolt Laptop Charger

In our techy daily lives, one of our greatest inconveniences has to be charging our devices. The team at the technology firm Avogy reinvented the topology of a circuit board, allowing for one compact charging device to charge three devices at the same time: a computer, a phone and a peripheral. We worked with the team to develop an entire consumer-facing brand, from naming, logo and identity, to the development of the signature Zolt charger.


Given the skill of the technologists building this new brand, we wanted to focus the brand attributes around this idea of expertise, boldness and innovation. Every element of the brand exemplified these characteristics, with a sense of dynamic energy and personality. Zolt is meant for the person on the go, the mobile worker, anyone who needs to bring ease into their busy lives.


The name, Zolt, sounds just that – electric, charged, buzzy. We selected a color palette that would exemplify this as well, with bold and luminous colors like electric orange, ultraviolet and graphite.

We developed the logo as an emblem of Zolt’s signature product. The octagonal logo directly reflects the product’s shape, but also has the letter ‘Z’ built into it. This creates a fluid visual language that transcends each element of the brand, and can also be modulated across the distinct color palette we defined. The logo is also backlit on the end of the Zolt charger, so that when the product is plugged in, the emblem is clearly displayed while letting you know it’s charging; the user can turn off this feature as well. The packaging is meant to showcase the item in the style of a museum display; the device juts out of the box exterior under a jewel case to present its style and aesthetic, sitting in an elevated cradle.


The product design is meant to be iconic, but also compact – something you can travel with, that fits in the pocket of your jeans. Over two years, we worked directly with the engineers to develop the form factor as the technology was being refined. Its octagonal shape allows for more venting holes closer to the source of heat, to prevent overheating and keep the product cool to the touch. The multi-faceted geometry also draws the eye and separates Zolt from the bland rectangular standard chargers. To limit the size of the device while carrying it, we also allowed room for the prongs to fold in. With its cylindrical design, users can simply wrap their cords directly around its circumference when traveling; more importantly, when plugged in, the octagon can pivot 90 degrees to ensure the cords exit the most practical direction in often crowded sockets.



  • SPARK! Awards

    • Bronze - Zolt, Communications Design, 2016
  • One Show

    • Finalist - Zolt, Consumer: Brand Identity - Logo, 2016
  • IDEA

    • Bronze - Zolt Laptop Charger Plus, Product Design, 2016

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