TELO Breakthrough EV

TELO Breakthrough EV

When TELO’s founders Jason Marks and Forrest North approached Yves Béhar and fuseproject to build a new vision for an everyday pickup truck, we shared a conviction that current cars and trucks are not addressing the needs of the active urban and suburban consumers. 

To date, simple questions such as “How do I park my truck in tight streets and parking spots?” or “How do I keep my work or weekend gear safe at all times?” have been left unaddressed.

Together with the TELO team, fuseproject strategized what a city electric truck needed to be. By taking advantage of compact electric motors and batteries and redesigning the vehicle configuration from the ground up, it became clear that TELO could offer capacity and storage dimensions that compete with standard pickup truck-beds and passenger cabins, but tucked into an impressive footprint of 152-inches in length, the size of MINI Cooper, while still offering both a 60-inch capacity truck bed and also a four-door crew cab whose spacious interior comfortably seats five passengers.


Solving the challenge of how to balance length with total storage space, TELO surprises and delights with its eye-catching sloping front-end. The design is friendly and functional: a design counterpoint to behemoth trucks with aggressive stances and safety shortcomings. 

TELO’s “aha moment” came with the realization that  – with no need for a large gas-powered engine as TELO’s battery packs are embedded within the truck’s chassis – our vehicle’s length can be dramatically shortened without compromising on usability or safety. 

TELO’s elegance is its functionality and exuberance for the road, whether the destination be to far-off mountains or simply downtown, where tight parking spots and small city streets abound.  

TELO’s industry-evolving patent-pending battery design – conceived of by TELO Co-Founder and COO Forrest North – optimizes space efficiently. TELO’s small, easily manufacturable battery enables drivers to not just travel a competitive range of 350-miles but also to recharge at the lightning speed of 20-to-80 percent battery capacity in only 20 minutes. 

The Founders each bring deep expertise in the automotive space, leading the Autonomous Vehicles and Driver Assistance Systems test programs at National Instruments (NI), and developing the test systems for five major U.S. automakers’ Autonomy and ADAS for their 2024 model year vehicles. 

“I am honored to fully partner with Jason and Forrest – two EV pioneers who have over 37 years of experiences between them – to bring a category-defining, ultra-compact, right-sized experience to drivers looking for fun, function and dependability while also shepherding into existence a more sustainable mobility solution.” Says Yves Béhar.

Discover TELO’s journey to make the world’s most efficient EV pickup for urban living and weekend adventuring at

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