Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club

The Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club in Hunters Point has been a force for good in kids’ lives, partnering and engaging with schools and park clubhouses around the city to inspire young people, especially those from underserved communities and disadvantaged circumstances, to take an active role in their communities. Their programs empower young people to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. To that end, the Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club in Hunters Point offers a number after school programs for kids and teens, as well as college prep services, club sports, and a variety of other activities.

Project Color Corps is one such partner, that believes in the power of color as a change agent to infuse a sense of well-being and energy into urban neighborhoods nationwide. Since March 2016, they have worked with the kids and staff of the Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club in Hunters Point to fulfill their mission of helping kids harness the power of color.

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We supported this effort by selecting a barren building in their neighborhood, and encouraging the kids to select a color pallet we could use to decorate the facade. Our goal was to take their favorite colors to create a powerful, beautiful design based on their insight and creative thinking. The result is a striking mural that expresses their spirit, enlivens the neighborhood and brightens the daily lives of those who live there. fuseproject believes in the power of design to inspire, delight and transform. This was a unique project as an example of the intersections between art and design, and the many shapes and forms that this combined thinking can create.

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